What Does “Substance” Mean?

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I talk a lot about producing web content with substance – after all, it’s in my tagline – but what does that mean, exactly? What is meant by “substance”?

Simply put, web content with substance is real writing. It’s writing that uses unique syntax, effective word choice, and correct grammar and punctuation. It contrasts strikingly with ineffective web content that has many words but says very little. Here is an example of “hollow” web content, which is my original creation gleaned from various perceptions of this kind of content on the web. It’s followed by a substantial version on the same topic.


How Pilates Can Help You Lose Weight

There are many ways that Pilates can help with weight loss. Weight loss is one of the many benefits of Pilates. It tones muscles and gives you a good workout. It will burn calories each time you do it which is a benefit for those wanting to lose weight.


How Pilates Can Help You Lose Weight

Pilates consists of specific exercises and movements that are designed to strengthen core muscle groups.  These muscles are not only stretched and strengthened during a workout; because you use them every day, they continue working between Pilates sessions to improve posture and boost metabolism, thus resulting in weight loss.

The first example does not say much about how Pilates can help with weight loss; it just says that it does, and its sentence structure is cliche, clumsy, and repetitive. This kind of web content may be easily obtained for cheap, but it won’t give your site the kind of unique interest that substantial content will. Readers appreciate real information!


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