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Google’s algorithm change has altered the face of web content writing, and personally, I am thrilled. This CNNMoney.com article notes that the main beneficiaries of Google’s change have been those writers who produce “high quality content.”  As someone who touts her ability to write web content with substance, I am pleased that Google’s change has given a more audible voice to writers of in-depth pieces.

According to the article, “content farms” were among the hardest hit by the algorithm change. My best friend and I have an inside joke (about to become public) about this kind of “content farm” writing one sees around the web these days. When we were kids, which was in the 80s, there were TV infomercials for all kinds of largely useless and bulky products that, for all their bulk, apparently made significant impressions on our young minds because we still remember them. There was one commercial for some kind of steamer that claimed it used “real molecules of steam!” to accomplish its steaming action. Of course, there is no other sort of steam to be had, but the advertisers decided to state the obvious as though it were important information exclusive to their product. This same sort of simplistic approach is often seen in web content writing, and my friend and I call it the “real molecules of steam” style.

I take pride in producing “high quality content” and in-depth articles. For example, high quality content would explore what the steam does and how it accomplishes its purpose (softening bread, getting the wrinkles out of clothes, etc.). Google’s algorithm may open new doors for this kind of writing, and I hope to walk through a few open doors! …if the real molecules of steam don’t drift through first…

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  1. Real molecules of steam — that is fabulous! Thanks for the smile. I love your site. I am working on a related business and your ideas are incredibly helpful. I find a lot of inspiration here. It is encouraging to know other professionals are focused on this important issue of content quality.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much, Elizabeth! That is very, very encouraging to hear. I am still learning much myself about the business end of things, but it means a great deal to me that, even at this stage, I am actually inspiring someone! Wow. (-: How did you find this site originally?

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